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Media Buying Agency Vs. Full-Service Ad Agency: What’s the Difference?

media buying agency

If you’re looking to expand your business’ consumer base and brand presence, you need an effective ad agency to run your campaign. However, not all agencies offer the same services. Some focus on media buying only while full-service agencies also create the ad materials to use in those ad buys. We believe that the message […]

4 Graphic Design Tips Straight From the Experts for Print Advertising

graphic design

Designing for print is a timeless craft that when done right can be as successful as any digital medium. At its heart, any graphic design application is intended to produce attention getting ads that appeal to your prospective customers; the right design choices can achieve this important goal. We have rounded up four tips from […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Ad Agency

ad agency Rochester NY

Coming up with a marketing plan for your business is a big job, and it can have big rewards if done correctly. According to the Houston Chronicle, companies that advertise outperform those that do not. If your marketing department is currently unable to keep up with your company’s marketing demands or if you want to […]

Radio Advertising Tips That Work in Rochester NY

radio advertising Rochester NY

When it comes to audio marketing, radio is king—93% of all Americans listen to the radio regularly. If you want to take advantage of this form of mass media, then you should be aware of some of the top tips and tricks that make radio marketing more effective. Here are a few of the best […]

How to Buy Out-of-Home Media for Advertising

out of home media

Out-of-home media refers to physical advertisements that visually reach consumers when they are outside of their home. Traditional out-of-home media include billboards and external signage. However, digital technology has also influenced what is included in out-of-home media. Television screens and internet connections are everywhere, which means that you have more chances than ever to get […]

Why Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working

email marketing Rochester NY

Are your emails getting read by customers? Many people feel they receive too many emails and may try to reduce the bulk of what they receive by unsubscribing from business mailing lists. When a customer unsubscribes, this does not necessarily reflect a lack of interest in your product or service, but rather a need to […]

Advertising Trends You Should Follow

advertising agency Rochester NY

When it comes to increasing business, some companies are willing to try anything to stay ahead of the competition. This leads to the emergence of advertising trends that often disappear as soon as they become accepted practice. While some of these trends might later prove to be ineffective, others are worth a second look. Below […]

Sundance Marketing Selected for 2016 Webster Small Business Excellence Award

webster award

Webster, NY — Sundance Marketing has been selected for the 2016 Webster Small Business Excellence Award in the Marketing classification by the Webster Small Business Excellence Award Program. Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2016 Webster Small Business Excellence Award Program focuses on quality, not […]

When to Hire an Advertising Agency in Rochester

Advertising Agency Rochester NY

After you’ve refined a brilliant product or service, the next step in growing your business is through advertising. However, you might be reluctant to hire an advertising agency, especially in a relatively small market like Rochester, because you think it would be too expensive for your current budget. The mistake some Rochester business owners and […]

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

outdoor advertising

Thinking of doing outdoor advertising? Outdoor advertising, also called or out-of-home advertising (OOH), works well for regional marketing based on your company’s location. Billboards, bus stops, signs on buses, etc can be hugely effective for a business of any size. Why is outdoor advertising successful? Many people spend significant time out of their homes every […]

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