3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Ad Agency

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Coming up with a marketing plan for your business is a big job, and it can have big rewards if done correctly. According to the Houston Chronicle, companies that advertise outperform those that do not. If your marketing department is currently unable to keep up with your company’s marketing demands or if you want to maximize your results by outsourcing your advertising needs, here are three questions you should ask before hiring an ad agency.

1. Have They Been Successful With Previous Clients?

Before signing a deal with an ad agency in Rochester NY, it is important to do your homework. Find out who some of their previous clients are, and analyze whether or not their marketing efforts were fruitful for those clients. Look specifically for work they have previously done for companies in your same industry. Ask the ad agency if they understand your type of business and know how to reach your target audience with effective marketing techniques.

2. Do They Utilize Multiple Marketing Avenues?

Marketing is a complex and intricate business that involves using multiple channels to target a large audience. The most effective marketing strategies are those that combine traditional methods (think radio, TV ads, PR, etc.) with digital marketing techniques (like social media, email, web development and content marketing). Use only one or the other and you miss out on opportunities to connect with the largest possible audience.

To illustrate this fact, consider a report on HubSpot which states that 81 percent of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases. So, creating quality digital content that your customers can find easily is a great way to encourage more sales and increase profits. On the flipside of the marketing coin, radio reaches approximately 54 percent of the population in the United States on a daily basis, according to a 2015 study published by Statista, an online statistics portal. So, it is wise to hire an advertising agency in Rochester NY, that makes room for both digital and traditional marketing methods.

3. Are They a Good Fit for Your Company’s Personality?

If your marketing team has done their job well, they have established a voice—or personality—for your company. When hiring an ad agency to take care of your marketing needs, it is essential to make sure they have similar values and can recreate your voice in an authentic way.

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Finding a marketing solution that meets your needs is not as challenging as it may seem. At Sundance Marketing, we are experts in both digital and traditional marketing methods and are a full service marketing agency. To start experiencing the results of a successful marketing campaign, contact us today.

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