4 Ways to Enhance Customer Targeting Using Digital Ads

Target customers with digital adds

1. Banner Ads – Where It All Begins

Banner ads are the embedded windows on a webpage that aren’t necessarily associated with the content on the page. They typically include flashy text and images to attract attention. If a web user clicks the ad it will direct their browser to your website and you might owe the page owner around 5-10 cents per click. Hiring an ad agency like us that is involved with multiple networks to create and monitor your banner ads allows you to gain greater exposure on more target-specific pages to ensure you receive a healthy return on your investment.

2. RE-Targeting Ads – Target Those Who’ve SHOWN INTEREST in Your Site

Retargeting happens when a visitor lands on a business’ site and receives a cookie that follows their browser to other web pages and displays that business’ ad on those subsequent pages. It’s kind of like being a pet and following your master around the house until she remembers to feed you. According to a survey done by Marketing Land in 2013, over 73% (of 413 respondents) said they’ve noticed retargeting ads following them on multiple websites while they surf the web. Simply noticing retargeting ads shows that retargeting will get your product on the minds of potential leads. With a humble, but valuable 7% click-through conversion rate, and an 8% view-through conversion rate, retargeting is proving that, while invasive to many, they’re beneficial to online marketing.

3. PRE-Targeting Ads – PREDICT Interest, THEN Target

Pretargeting uses large amounts of data to predict a customer’s potential purchase. These ads are kind of a refined form of retargeting because they focus on customer preferences WHILE they search, instead of AFTER they’ve finished their search. Think of it like the popular radio app, Pandora. A user can give a song a “thumbs-up” and Pandora will know to select more songs like it on that station. Similarly, your pretargeted ad will be displayed while a customer is clicking through products or services related to yours. Your pretargeted ad may be exactly what a customer is searching for, and now they’ll buy it from you!

4. Pre-Roll Video Ads – Target Attentive Viewers with Immediate Action

Generally lasting between 10-15 seconds, pre-roll videos are commercial ads that play right before an online video. Pre-roll videos are great for targeting because you can place them in front of the web videos your audience watches, just like television. Also, your targets will be more engaged since they intentionally clicked on the video and are likely giving it their full attention. Lastly, viewers interested by your ad can click and be directed to take action immediately! This on-demand type of ad holds significant weight in the digital advertising world.

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