Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

outdoor advertising

Thinking of doing outdoor advertising? Outdoor advertising, also called or out-of-home advertising (OOH), works well for regional marketing based on your company’s location. Billboards, bus stops, signs on buses, etc can be hugely effective for a business of any size.

Why is outdoor advertising successful? Many people spend significant time out of their homes every day, whether it’s commuting to a job, driving children to school and events, visiting friends and family, shopping, etc. Outdoor advertising effectively targets those who are always on the go.

In fact, one study reports 72% of those who see billboards often stop to shop on their way home from work, 68% decide to make a certain purchase while in the car, and 38% decide to stop at a certain store once they’re on their way home.

Different industries can receive a variety of results from outdoor advertising. For example,

  • 24% of participants saw a billboard advertisement that motivated them to shop there the same day
  • 34% of the participants said they shopped there later the same week
  • 24% made an immediate stop at a store because they saw an outdoor ad for it

In this resource, we’ll share some of the many advantages out of home media advertising offers you.

What can Outdoor Advertising do for you?

  • Increases Brand Recognition

As consumers go about their busy schedules, they don’t always have time to research brand names, company reputation, or the type of services they offer. Out of home advertising displays company information in a creative, attractive way that informs consumers of the company name, logo, contact info, and what they can do for them. It also complements a comprehensive brand recognition strategy.

  • Immerses Customers in Company Knowledge

Out of home advertising delivers important information even as customers are engrossed in their daily tasks. For example, if your company rolls out a new product or service, outdoor advertising is an ideal way to broadcast the information to keep customers informed.

  • Targets Specific Consumer Locations

Outdoor advertising takes advantage of specifically targeted locations based on industry. Are you a collision agency? Set up a company billboard off a main highway in your area so consumers are reminded of you during their daily commute. Do you work in retail? Create stunning artwork to be hung at shopping plazas and malls. Out of home media uses the analysis of consumers’ buying trends and caters to their specific needs based on location.

  • Can’t Be Avoided

Unlike radio and TV ads, outdoor advertising can’t be muted or turned off at the flick of a switch. It’s always there; consumers can’t avoid it at will. Pictures and images can subconsciously affect our brains; they leave ideas and memories in our minds without us even consciously realizing it. Once again, outdoor advertising complements television and radio marketing to form one cohesive marketing campaign.

  • Attracts Attention

Outdoor advertising can be posted in shopping malls, gas stations, bus stops, office buildings, highways – places where people spend a lot of time. And strategic, creative artwork attracts attention in a colorful, amusing, or clever way. The higher quality display, with an engaging graphic design, the more attraction your ads will earn.

How to Measure ROI from Outdoor Advertising Campaigns

Any marketing campaign needs to be measured to determine ROI. Outdoor campaigns can be more challenging to measure than other marketing tactics, but it can be done. As you’re designing the layout, for example, carefully consider what contact information to include. If you include a URL, have it redirect to a special landing page on your website, and include a tracking code. If there’s a form for customers to fill out, you can also include a question such as, “Did you see our outdoor ad?” or “How did you hear about us?”

Ready to Start Outdoor Advertising?

It’s no secret, the benefits of outdoor advertising truly complement multichannel campaigns to improve brand awareness and drive business. If you’re ready to add radio to your marketing mix, we’d love to help!


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