Boost Your Branding This Fall with a TV Marketing Plan

Since fall is when the TV lineup hits full swing, now is the time to target your audience with a strong message. Here’s a brief look at Sundance Marketing’s commercial production process. From concept to getting your commercial aired, Sundance constructs a marketing plan for you that will get you great results and get your business noticed.

Commercial Production Step 1: Concept Development

Our creative team works with you to develop a concept that resonates emotionally with your key customers.  How do we determine that concept? Ask yourself: “How do I want my customers to feel once they have experienced our product or brand?” The answer to this question will help us transform a concept into a successful script and storyboard.

Commercial Production Step 2: Audio & Visual

After you approve of the commercial concept, we draft a script and storyboard that is guided by your budget. We’ll find or develop sound score, ambient noise, or sound effects that flow with your brand and the message of your commercial. Likewise, we create visuals, select actors, props, and locations that work well to support the message and TV concept that we are producing.

Commercial Production Step 3: Getting Your Commercial Aired

After shooting, and editing, we’ll devise a media schedule to air your commercial. If you’ve been following our posts, you’ll know that our previous article was all about media buying. We stay on top of current TV show ratings, expected ratings, and factor in the political campaigns that will be jockeying TV spots this fall. With Sundance Marketing, you have a team of experts who know where your brand will benefit most in the media world. Take a look at Sundance Marketing’s YouTube channel (or click one of the images above) to see some of the commercials we’ve produced for our clients in the past.

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