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How to Expand Market Reach in Rochester


Trying to expand market reach in Rochester? If you want to be aggressive about your business growth in the Flower City, you’ll need an acute attention to detail. You need to identify how your product or service can best appeal to Rochester consumers. So what do Rochesterians do? Where do they go? How can your […]

How to Improve Brand Awareness in Rochester

improve brand awareness

Are you struggling to improve brand awareness? Being the third largest city in New York, Rochester offers many unique ways for businesses to promote their brand. In this article, we’ll examine brand building strategies that develop positive awareness. A study by Future Foundation for FEPE International observed the most trustworthy media types among consumers. Here […]

Don’t Miss out on Lifestyle Branding


According to a leading global provider of consumer behavior studies (Nielsen; New York, NY), in 2013, the most persuasive method of driving product awareness came from consumer conversation. Research showed that 77% of consumers were more likely to purchase a new product based on the advice of family and friends. This research begs the question: “Are […]

How Small Business Saturday & the Holiday Season Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Small Business Saturday Marketing Strategy

It’s that time of year again: shopping season! With Black Friday only days away, we wanted to offer you some encouragement as to why this hyped up shopping season can favor your small business. While Black Friday tends to hold sway among big business competitors, it doesn’t mean you’re out of the game. Since 2010, […]

Boost Your Branding This Fall with a TV Marketing Plan

Since fall is when the TV lineup hits full swing, now is the time to target your audience with a strong message. Here’s a brief look at Sundance Marketing’s commercial production process. From concept to getting your commercial aired, Sundance constructs a marketing plan for you that will get you great results and get your […]

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