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Why Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working

email marketing Rochester NY

Are your emails getting read by customers? Many people feel they receive too many emails and may try to reduce the bulk of what they receive by unsubscribing from business mailing lists. When a customer unsubscribes, this does not necessarily reflect a lack of interest in your product or service, but rather a need to […]

How to Expand Market Reach in Rochester


Trying to expand market reach in Rochester? If you want to be aggressive about your business growth in the Flower City, you’ll need an acute attention to detail. You need to identify how your product or service can best appeal to Rochester consumers. So what do Rochesterians do? Where do they go? How can your […]

Are You Making This Marketing Mistake at Your Dealership?

dealership marketing rochester ny

The days of car buyers visiting your dealership to START shopping are over. The number of dealerships car buyers visit to start the shopping process is significantly decreasing. In the past, buyers visited 5-6 dealerships before buying, but today they’re only visiting 1-2 dealerships. What’s the cause of this change? They’re Shopping at Your Dealership […]

Social Media Swallowing Up Bigger Portion of Ad Budgets

social media marketing

Wondering if your marketing agency is crazy for trying to dump your ad budget into social media marketing? They might not look so crazy if you’ve seen the recent statistics gathered by STRATA. Quarter of Agencies Will Use 11-25% of Ad Budget on Paid Social Media STRATA reported that almost 1 of 4 media agencies […]

4 Ways to Enhance Customer Targeting Using Digital Ads

Target customers with digital adds

1. Banner Ads – Where It All Begins Banner ads are the embedded windows on a webpage that aren’t necessarily associated with the content on the page. They typically include flashy text and images to attract attention. If a web user clicks the ad it will direct their browser to your website and you might […]

Marketing Strategies for 2015 Should Combine Traditional AND Search Marketing

Search Marketing Strategy

Holiday shopping results are IN and they’re already influencing next year’s marketing strategies for many businesses. The results show an increase in smartphone browsing and tablet purchases, which is making many consider the importance of concentrating on content efforts. In fact, national advertisers are already shifting their dollars to non-media investments – how long will […]

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