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Media Buying Agency Vs. Full-Service Ad Agency: What’s the Difference?

media buying agency

If you’re looking to expand your business’ consumer base and brand presence, you need an effective ad agency to run your campaign. However, not all agencies offer the same services. Some focus on media buying only while full-service agencies also create the ad materials to use in those ad buys. We believe that the message […]

Top 3 Things to Think About When Media Planning and Buying


Trying to play it smart on your next TV or radio ad campaign? You’ve come to the right place. Broadcast media planning and buying can have a heavy impact on the effectiveness of your media buy. Here are three things to think about before you start your next media buy. 1. Don’t base media buys […]

2 Vitally Important Reasons to Buy Mass Media Despite the Rise of the Mobile-Digital Age

media buying

Your customers and clients have become nomads. What are we talking about? Advancements in mobile technology has created a rift in the way consumers receive advertisements. Not too long ago, consumers were like a tribe of cave dwellers. We all drank from the same river, picked the same fruits, and shared in on the same […]

Marketing Strategies for 2015 Should Combine Traditional AND Search Marketing

Search Marketing Strategy

Holiday shopping results are IN and they’re already influencing next year’s marketing strategies for many businesses. The results show an increase in smartphone browsing and tablet purchases, which is making many consider the importance of concentrating on content efforts. In fact, national advertisers are already shifting their dollars to non-media investments – how long will […]

While Viewership Options are Changing, TV Remains a Dominant Platform for Marketing

What are your TV viewing habits? Maybe your business or family life keeps you too busy to tune in on a regular basis. But eventually everyone enjoys to sit, relax, and let the mind be carried through the plot of a good story. And, because of modern technology, people who are too busy to watch […]

Boost Your Branding This Fall with a TV Marketing Plan

Since fall is when the TV lineup hits full swing, now is the time to target your audience with a strong message. Here’s a brief look at Sundance Marketing’s commercial production process. From concept to getting your commercial aired, Sundance constructs a marketing plan for you that will get you great results and get your […]

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