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Radio Advertising Tips That Work in Rochester NY

radio advertising Rochester NY

When it comes to audio marketing, radio is king—93% of all Americans listen to the radio regularly. If you want to take advantage of this form of mass media, then you should be aware of some of the top tips and tricks that make radio marketing more effective. Here are a few of the best […]

Benefits of Radio Advertising

benefits of radio advertising rochester ny

  Considering doing a radio ad? The benefits of radio advertising help businesses reach specific audiences, promote events, and compliment a multichannel campaign strategy. In this resource, we’ll share with you some statistics that show how well radio advertising offers these benefits. Radio reaches OVER HALF of the US population. Trying to expand your brand […]

2 Vitally Important Reasons to Buy Mass Media Despite the Rise of the Mobile-Digital Age

media buying

Your customers and clients have become nomads. What are we talking about? Advancements in mobile technology has created a rift in the way consumers receive advertisements. Not too long ago, consumers were like a tribe of cave dwellers. We all drank from the same river, picked the same fruits, and shared in on the same […]

Marketing Strategies for 2015 Should Combine Traditional AND Search Marketing

Search Marketing Strategy

Holiday shopping results are IN and they’re already influencing next year’s marketing strategies for many businesses. The results show an increase in smartphone browsing and tablet purchases, which is making many consider the importance of concentrating on content efforts. In fact, national advertisers are already shifting their dollars to non-media investments – how long will […]

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