Don’t Miss out on Lifestyle Branding


According to a leading global provider of consumer behavior studies (Nielsen; New York, NY), in 2013, the most persuasive method of driving product awareness came from consumer conversation. Research showed that 77% of consumers were more likely to purchase a new product based on the advice of family and friends. This research begs the question:


If not, you may be relying too heavily on a marketing plan that doesn’t target the everyday life of your consumers. If the only time people are talking about your brand is when they’re considering your price among others, the only association they will have with your brand is a bill.

Your Brand Is MORE than a Price

While the most pressing question of your customer might be “What do you charge?”, it’s FALSE to believe the only “real” difference between you and your competition is the price. However, you do need to PROVE IT in order to get your customers out of that mindset. So, give them something MORE than a price to talk about when it comes to your brand.

Plug Your Brand into People’s Lifestyle

How do you plug your brand into consumer conversation? Figure out what your consumers are already talking about. What are their likes and interests? What matters most to them from day to day? How does YOUR PRODUCT tie into the LIFESTYLE they want to have?

We’ll Help You Find the Answers

If you want to refine your answers to these questions and implement a strategy towards lifestyle branding, our team at Sundance Marketing has the necessary tools. We’ll help you identify the people who match the lifestyle your brand supports and blast that message into the right communities to get those people talking about your brand.

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What Other Methods Drive Product Awareness?

(Highlights from Nielsen’s 2013 research)

  • family / friends (77%)
  • in-store discoveries (72%)
  • free samples (70%)
  • online searches (67%)
  • professional consultants (66%).
  • TV (59%)
  • print (54%)

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