How to Improve Brand Awareness in Rochester

improve brand awareness

Are you struggling to improve brand awareness? Being the third largest city in New York, Rochester offers many unique ways for businesses to promote their brand. In this article, we’ll examine brand building strategies that develop positive awareness.

A study by Future Foundation for FEPE International observed the most trustworthy media types among consumers. Here are the results of the top four most trustworthy media types:

• TV – 28%
• Out-of-home – 24%
• Print – 22%
• Online / digital – 3%

The study also affirmed that 46% of consumers find TV spots to be the most memorable ads, followed again by out-of-home media (34%), and print (7%).

According to these findings, TV, out-of-home media, print, and digital advertising are the best ways to build trust and a memorable brand. With that stated, let’s take a closer look at each of these strategies and how they can improve your brand awareness in Rochester.

1. Buy TV ad space

With the right media planning and buying strategy, TV advertising can be the best way to improve brand awareness. With its long run of history in the average American home, television maintains a sense of tradition among consumers. That tradition produces a level of trust among consumers. Because of that trust and because TV appeals to two of the human senses, there’s no wonder why 46% of consumers find TV ads to be the most memorable form of advertising.

2. Establish out-of-home ads

According to an Arbitron study commissioned by Lamar Advertising, nearly 9 out of 10 (89%) U.S. residents have used motorized transportation in the past month. The study also reports that, on an average week, U.S. travelers spend:

• 20h16m driving or riding in a vehicle
• 169 miles on the road

As a result, 69% recall seeing a roadside billboard in the past month, while 60% recall seeing one in the past week. With Rochester being the third largest city in NY, you can bet that a large number of your customers are seeing out-of-home ads on their daily commute.

Take a look at what kinds of out-of-home advertising options are available in Rochester to improve your brand awareness.

3. Publish print ads

Print ads reach highly interested audiences that belong to magazines, newspapers, or other forms of publication. When you publish a print ad, you are placing your brand in front of people interested enough in that specific topic to purchase a magazine about it. As a result, print is still considered a high quality medium.

4. Bid on digital ads

Google AdWords and other PPC strategies offer incredible ways to target customers with digital ads. These ads can target customers of any demographic, gender, or interest. They can also target customers based on their stage in the buyer’s journey. Digital ads are also cost effective when it comes to A-B Testing and measuring what works to promote your brand.

5. Attend PR events

Another approach is to attend (or host) a local PR event. Rochester offers many public relations opportunities, including year round festivals, marathons, and special community events. Getting involved in a local event can get your business featured in a news spot that spreads across multiple forms of media and will positively improve your brand awareness.

We hope these ideas inspire you to improve brand awareness for your business in the Rochester area. If this article helped you or if you have any ideas to add, we’d love your feedback.

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